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comparing apples to oranges.. Who will you vote for?

Two different approaches to the issues our country is facing. Which one will America pick?

Presidential Debate 2012


The debate is a huge topic this time of year, and well its got my attention as well. I haven’t been keeping up with very much politics, but I did manage to see the presidential debate. Besides the big bird jokes and Romney’s teleprompter-like performance, I have a few thoughts about it.

It seemed as if the main debate was between Obama‘s plan and Romney’s plan. Obama, who leans towards the spend more ideology in order to create more opportunities. On the other side, Romney is vouching for the save money option so people have more money to create more opportunities. It’s Austerity vs. Stimulus. Both have their positives and negatives. Both approaches have worked in other countries and in previous economies. But essentially, we are comparing apples to oranges. There is not much overlap in the two methods and it will all depend on who the American Voter will choose.

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news flash. Mitt Romney pays taxes.

Mitt Romney's taxes

Earlier, Mitt Romney released his current tax returns showing a 14.1% tax rate.

Ok, but what does this tell us? To be honest, that’s a fairly average tax rate. He still paid nearly $2 million in taxes last year. Some people may say that it isn’t high enough for the multi million dollar a year business man. However, I’d have to say good for anyone who is cutting their taxes. Don’t tell me that if you could, you wouldn’t try to find ways to cut taxes. Who isn’t going to acknowledge applicable tax deductions on their returns? This simply shows how much of a business man this guy really is. So… essentially all these reports just show…. that he pays taxes. Hmm surprising isn’t it? Now, if he were illegally getting around paying his taxes, that would be a different story. Granted the detailed reports are helpful in catching the bad stuff.

Personally, I tend to go republican. However, I’m not exactly satisfied with Mitt Romney, or Obama for that matter. I really didn’t want to get into politics but ok, I went there.

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black people died on 9/11 too

Today, I saw a picture being passed around on facebook. Most of the shares were from the stereotypical angry black people that I know. (Excuse my bluntness… I have no racial discrimination by the way) Here is the picture:

First of all, who still thinks about the titanic? Not many people remember family members affected by that and it didn’t have an effect on our security as a nation. Then there is the attack on the World Trade Centers. I remember that day 11 years ago. It was shocking and overall a sad dark day. My mom remembers watching the second plane crash into the tower on live TV. This is extremely relatable to our life time.

Now, I fully recognize the fact that racial slavery was a humongous issue and still somewhat remains to this day. BUT on 9/11 don’t you think you could atleast just show a little respect to those that died on that day. Thousands of people died. African Americans today are not slaves anymore. It is not a risk to your race anymore either. Terrorism is though…

I don’t have any confirmed sources of this but I am assuming black people died during this attack too. I could say alot more but I feel that I would be stepping on a lot of toes if I were to keep talking even more than I already have. But please, show some respect?

These are my initial thoughts. They aren’t always thoroughly developed and might be mildly offensive. I apologize to those but this is the very nature of “my initial reaction.”

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