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replacement refs getting worse. Pay the old refs!

WHAT THE!?!??!?!?!

Tonight’s Packers Seahawks game shows the D3 referees at their finest… continuing to suck.

referees continue to fail

Tonight the Packers were cheated out of a win against who?!? The seahawks. A hail mary was intercepted by a Packer and a Seahawk managed to get his arm in there. Refs call it a touchdown. Seahawks caught the ball. HUH? Why on earth would a referee call that and then continue to confirm it in the review!? They are getting worse NFL. It’s time to bring back the old ones.

Hopefully this will bring about a change of mind in order to discontinue the referee lockout. These replacement refs are shaping the game in the wrong way. This is a time where you actually can blame the game on the refs. The old refs need to come back.  Period. Give ’em the money.


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hats off to the ref who tripped the cowboy.

These new referees never have any good news…

Referee trips Cowboy wide receiver with hat

The poor guys… These refs just can’t do anything right! Today a referee threw his hat down on the field indicating that the Cowboy’s wide receiver had run out of bounds and back in again. However, he managed to throw the hat right in the path of the receiver, Kevin Ogletree, and made him trip and fall over the hat. The ref couldn’t have placed the hat any better had it been a Mario Kart banana. It was right there! Ogletree stepped right on top of it. Now, had the ref done this to any other player of a different team it’d be a different story. But today, anti-Cowboys fans point and laugh!

On the down side, this gives Cowboys fans more things to cry and whine about.

In the defense of the referee though, this could have happened to anybody. If you know to throw your hat when a player runs out of bounds you know not to trip the wide receiver. How convenient that this ref is new and more whiners can complain. Despite the cap mishap, Cowboys won 16-10 against the Buccaneers

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