news flash. Mitt Romney pays taxes.

Mitt Romney's taxes

Earlier, Mitt Romney released his current tax returns showing a 14.1% tax rate.

Ok, but what does this tell us? To be honest, that’s a fairly average tax rate. He still paid nearly $2 million in taxes last year. Some people may say that it isn’t high enough for the multi million dollar a year business man. However, I’d have to say good for anyone who is cutting their taxes. Don’t tell me that if you could, you wouldn’t try to find ways to cut taxes. Who isn’t going to acknowledge applicable tax deductions on their returns? This simply shows how much of a business man this guy really is. So… essentially all these reports just show…. that he pays taxes. Hmm surprising isn’t it? Now, if he were illegally getting around paying his taxes, that would be a different story. Granted the detailed reports are helpful in catching the bad stuff.

Personally, I tend to go republican. However, I’m not exactly satisfied with Mitt Romney, or Obama for that matter. I really didn’t want to get into politics but ok, I went there.

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there is hope for Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes’ driving skills.


The famously dangerous LiLo and Bynes have a chance at improving their driving skills with Goodyear tires.

LiLo and BynesThe popular paparazzi pair haven’t been able to improve their driving records for quite some time now. Feds actually had to take Bynes’ car away from her so she doesn’t kill anybody with it. Thank God. Everybody knows they just suck at driving and can’t keep their front bumpers off of someone else’s paint.

Goodyear actually cares about the girls' terrible driving record!Fortunately, someone noticed the need that these two ladies just need a little more education on how to drive. Our friends at Goodyear tires have officially requested that the car crashing couple visit their plant in Akron for free driving lessons! That is great! Somebody cares about them! Hopefully they take up the offer and learn how to successfully put on the brakes.

Here are the actual letters that Goodyear sent the two: Letters from Goodyear to the gals



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why should you switch to firefox or chrome? Germany did.


German government recommends that all Internet Explorer users should temporarily avoid using the popular internet browser.

Why shouldn't you use Internet Explorer? Germany doesn't.This past week, a potent virus has been discovered that penetrates the useless browser and those using it. Apparently the threat is so large that the German government urged the public to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft can get a security update ready for IE. Never has this happened before… An entire country publicly recognizes the fact that, well, Internet Explorer sucks. Microsoft had no comment when asked about the sore issue. This obviously isn’t the first time for Microsoft as far as security breaches go. Why don’t they just admit their browser is awful. Not many people are still using it and now Germany isn’t recommending it either. What more do they need to know until they get the hint?

Are you still using Internet Explorer? Seriously? Come on people…. Try this instead.

Google ChromeFirefox


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biggest biceps in the world look disgusting.


Moustafa Ismail's biceps are gross

Overdoing it?

Moustafa Ismail officially has the biggest  biceps in the world coming in at a whopping 31 inches in diameter. But honestly, just look at this guy. He looks weird. His arms…. are.. just… well, they are disgusting. You know, I’m not so sure its just his bicep in there. It looks like his triceps are also contributing to his massively large arms. But I’m still not convinced that that’s all that is in the largest biceps in the world. There has to be a couple tumors or at least a few inflatable beach balls underneath his skin. And it isn’t exactly proportionate to the rest of his body. Definitely fake. How does he even put his short sleeves over those things? Just image when he is old and his beach ball biceps have deflated…. all that flabby skin just hangin’ there. He might just be able to apply for the largest chicken wings after this is over.



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man boobs cause epilepsy.


gty king tut kb 120914 wblog Mystery of King Tuts Death Solved?

According to Dr. Hutan Ashrafian, King Tut died of an early age due to epilepsy. How might the doctor know this? “Oh, it is simple,” he says. King Tut was always portrayed in statues as having somewhat of a feminine appeal to his chesty curves. Good ol’ Tut had man boobs. Still don’t see the connection here? This is how one source explains it,

The enlarged breasts, he argues, are indicative of a condition known as gynecomastia, which, when added to a host of historical and familial evidence, indicates that Tutankhamun might have suffered and eventually died from temporal lobe epilepsy.

See, it all makes sense now… May this be a warning to all you men with milkshakes. The only hope found in this is that they might bury you in a tomb with lots and lots of gold.



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roy nelson says, “get in my belly!”


Roy Nelson "Get in my belly!"

Apparently this big bushy bearded hairy monster doesn’t have enough sponsors. He went to UFC President Dana White asking for some more sponsors (aka I want more money boss). Unfortunately White thinks this guy is too lazy to get any more sponsors. Not sure what made him think nelson was lazy… I think it takes a lot of work to maintain such a beer belly and the long mullet. Heck, I’d sponsor him even if he is lazy. The image is hilarious. Hey go ahead and put Roy’s hairy face on my product. Everyone will want to see this guy fight. Lets get down to real fighting… Big fat boys with bushy beards getting into arguments with each other till the fists are being thrown. Bring us back to our roots, MMA. Give the man some more sponsors. Until then, Roy Nelson says, “Get in my belly!”


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pay your parking tickets in origami money. they’ll love it.

this guy.

Paying for your parking ticket in origami pigs? Perfect. In donut boxes? Even better. Looks like the officers there had wished those boxes were actually full of donuts. “I’m paying with legal tender.” That is right buddy. I wish he had refused to unfold them and made them do it, but honestly that is just awesome. Props to him for stickin it to the man. I fully expect somebody to top this in the next week or two. Challenge Accepted? Let me know what you find.