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why smartphones are for girls.

Big phones, big purses.

The iPhone 5 was just announced with a longer screen which allows for one more row of apps on your home screen. But is this necessary? The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 5 inch screen! Why do we need this much real estate for our thumbs and pointer fingers?

smartphones are for girls.

Girls purses are getting bigger

Big purse. Big smartphone.The fact is most smartphones are girl phones. No guy would be able to fit a phone this big in his front pocket. This means only the women with purses can carry these extra large devices. Men tend to not have a way to carry a phone besides a pants pocket or maybe  a goofy looking belt clip… The men are having increased difficulty with finding ways to carry their phones especially with these new ones like the Galaxy S3 that have humongous screens. The women here have the advantage with their large purses. Therefore, smartphones are for girls. It’s that simple people.

Conspiracy theory:

Purse designers are in cahoots with smartphone makers. The designers make the purses bigger which makes finding a phone nearly impossible. This creates a market for larger smartphones. Everybody wins.

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why should you switch to firefox or chrome? Germany did.


German government recommends that all Internet Explorer users should temporarily avoid using the popular internet browser.

Why shouldn't you use Internet Explorer? Germany doesn't.This past week, a potent virus has been discovered that penetrates the useless browser and those using it. Apparently the threat is so large that the German government urged the public to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft can get a security update ready for IE. Never has this happened before… An entire country publicly recognizes the fact that, well, Internet Explorer sucks. Microsoft had no comment when asked about the sore issue. This obviously isn’t the first time for Microsoft as far as security breaches go. Why don’t they just admit their browser is awful. Not many people are still using it and now Germany isn’t recommending it either. What more do they need to know until they get the hint?

Are you still using Internet Explorer? Seriously? Come on people…. Try this instead.

Google ChromeFirefox


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robotic mule. it walks!

I just saw this on a yahoo article… It’s just so cool I can’t hold myself back. The best part is, you paid for it!

Apparently, DARPA or the military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, created this robot pack mule that can walk. Yeah. It can walk. Please, enjoy the video of it, well… walking. But, that’s not all it can do!!! Just in case it happens to get pushed over by any juvenile al Qaeda, the metallic jack ass will pick itself up.

I don’t exactly see the purpose behind this thing as any other real mule could do the same… Also, it looks like I could walk backwards faster than this thing. I can just picture this thing wandering through some village with a bunch of kids riding it until it falls over. Glad our military is putting our money to good use! It makes me feel safe at home to know that our pack mules have been fully robotized and ready for action!

I can’t wait to see some robotic lions attack it and eat it for lunch.