replacement refs getting worse. Pay the old refs!

WHAT THE!?!??!?!?!

Tonight’s Packers Seahawks game shows the D3 referees at their finest… continuing to suck.

referees continue to fail

Tonight the Packers were cheated out of a win against who?!? The seahawks. A hail mary was intercepted by a Packer and a Seahawk managed to get his arm in there. Refs call it a touchdown. Seahawks caught the ball. HUH? Why on earth would a referee call that and then continue to confirm it in the review!? They are getting worse NFL. It’s time to bring back the old ones.

Hopefully this will bring about a change of mind in order to discontinue the referee lockout. These replacement refs are shaping the game in the wrong way. This is a time where you actually can blame the game on the refs. The old refs need to come back.  Period. Give ’em the money.


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