news flash. Mitt Romney pays taxes.

Mitt Romney's taxes

Earlier, Mitt Romney released his current tax returns showing a 14.1% tax rate.

Ok, but what does this tell us? To be honest, that’s a fairly average tax rate. He still paid nearly $2 million in taxes last year. Some people may say that it isn’t high enough for the multi million dollar a year business man. However, I’d have to say good for anyone who is cutting their taxes. Don’t tell me that if you could, you wouldn’t try to find ways to cut taxes. Who isn’t going to acknowledge applicable tax deductions on their returns? This simply shows how much of a business man this guy really is. So… essentially all these reports just show…. that he pays taxes. Hmm surprising isn’t it? Now, if he were illegally getting around paying his taxes, that would be a different story. Granted the detailed reports are helpful in catching the bad stuff.

Personally, I tend to go republican. However, I’m not exactly satisfied with Mitt Romney, or Obama for that matter. I really didn’t want to get into politics but ok, I went there.

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  1. Top Of My Head

    Personally, since I paid 16% of my 2011 salary in federal income taxes, I have a problem with Mitt Romney paying 2% less when he made more than 200 times my salary. I, also, want more than just two years of taxes. My grandmother always said to me that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. So, I wonder why he’s only releasing two years. What’s the man hiding? I haven’t liked everything President Obama has done, but putting him up against Romney is no contest. I voted for Obama in 2008 and I’ll do it again in 2012.

    • Dan

      I saw somewhere that in order to prepare for the election, Mitt Romney quit deducting some of his tax deductible charities. If he had it would’ve been even lower. Maybe that’s why he only showed the last few years? Not sure. I really don’t like Obama either… but I’m not impressed at all by Romney either.

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