there is hope for Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes’ driving skills.


The famously dangerous LiLo and Bynes have a chance at improving their driving skills with Goodyear tires.

LiLo and BynesThe popular paparazzi pair haven’t been able to improve their driving records for quite some time now. Feds actually had to take Bynes’ car away from her so she doesn’t kill anybody with it. Thank God. Everybody knows they just suck at driving and can’t keep their front bumpers off of someone else’s paint.

Goodyear actually cares about the girls' terrible driving record!Fortunately, someone noticed the need that these two ladies just need a little more education on how to drive. Our friends at Goodyear tires have officially requested that the car crashing couple visit their plant in Akron for free driving lessons! That is great! Somebody cares about them! Hopefully they take up the offer and learn how to successfully put on the brakes.

Here are the actual letters that Goodyear sent the two: Letters from Goodyear to the gals



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