why should you switch to firefox or chrome? Germany did.


German government recommends that all Internet Explorer users should temporarily avoid using the popular internet browser.

Why shouldn't you use Internet Explorer? Germany doesn't.This past week, a potent virus has been discovered that penetrates the useless browser and those using it. Apparently the threat is so large that the German government urged the public to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft can get a security update ready for IE. Never has this happened before… An entire country publicly recognizes the fact that, well, Internet Explorer sucks. Microsoft had no comment when asked about the sore issue. This obviously isn’t the first time for Microsoft as far as security breaches go. Why don’t they just admit their browser is awful. Not many people are still using it and now Germany isn’t recommending it either. What more do they need to know until they get the hint?

Are you still using Internet Explorer? Seriously? Come on people…. Try this instead.

Google ChromeFirefox


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