biggest biceps in the world look disgusting.


Moustafa Ismail's biceps are gross

Overdoing it?

Moustafa Ismail officially has the biggest  biceps in the world coming in at a whopping 31 inches in diameter. But honestly, just look at this guy. He looks weird. His arms…. are.. just… well, they are disgusting. You know, I’m not so sure its just his bicep in there. It looks like his triceps are also contributing to his massively large arms. But I’m still not convinced that that’s all that is in the largest biceps in the world. There has to be a couple tumors or at least a few inflatable beach balls underneath his skin. And it isn’t exactly proportionate to the rest of his body. Definitely fake. How does he even put his short sleeves over those things? Just image when he is old and his beach ball biceps have deflated…. all that flabby skin just hangin’ there. He might just be able to apply for the largest chicken wings after this is over.



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