roy nelson says, “get in my belly!”


Roy Nelson "Get in my belly!"

Apparently this big bushy bearded hairy monster doesn’t have enough sponsors. He went to UFC President Dana White asking for some more sponsors (aka I want more money boss). Unfortunately White thinks this guy is too lazy to get any more sponsors. Not sure what made him think nelson was lazy… I think it takes a lot of work to maintain such a beer belly and the long mullet. Heck, I’d sponsor him even if he is lazy. The image is hilarious. Hey go ahead and put Roy’s hairy face on my product. Everyone will want to see this guy fight. Lets get down to real fighting… Big fat boys with bushy beards getting into arguments with each other till the fists are being thrown. Bring us back to our roots, MMA. Give the man some more sponsors. Until then, Roy Nelson says, “Get in my belly!”


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