man boobs cause epilepsy.


gty king tut kb 120914 wblog Mystery of King Tuts Death Solved?

According to Dr. Hutan Ashrafian, King Tut died of an early age due to epilepsy. How might the doctor know this? “Oh, it is simple,” he says. King Tut was always portrayed in statues as having somewhat of a feminine appeal to his chesty curves. Good ol’ Tut had man boobs. Still don’t see the connection here? This is how one source explains it,

The enlarged breasts, he argues, are indicative of a condition known as gynecomastia, which, when added to a host of historical and familial evidence, indicates that Tutankhamun might have suffered and eventually died from temporal lobe epilepsy.

See, it all makes sense now… May this be a warning to all you men with milkshakes. The only hope found in this is that they might bury you in a tomb with lots and lots of gold.



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