black people died on 9/11 too

Today, I saw a picture being passed around on facebook. Most of the shares were from the stereotypical angry black people that I know. (Excuse my bluntness… I have no racial discrimination by the way) Here is the picture:

First of all, who still thinks about the titanic? Not many people remember family members affected by that and it didn’t have an effect on our security as a nation. Then there is the attack on the World Trade Centers. I remember that day 11 years ago. It was shocking and overall a sad dark day. My mom remembers watching the second plane crash into the tower on live TV. This is extremely relatable to our life time.

Now, I fully recognize the fact that racial slavery was a humongous issue and still somewhat remains to this day. BUT on 9/11 don’t you think you could atleast just show a little respect to those that died on that day. Thousands of people died. African Americans today are not slaves anymore. It is not a risk to your race anymore either. Terrorism is though…

I don’t have any confirmed sources of this but I am assuming black people died during this attack too. I could say alot more but I feel that I would be stepping on a lot of toes if I were to keep talking even more than I already have. But please, show some respect?

These are my initial thoughts. They aren’t always thoroughly developed and might be mildly offensive. I apologize to those but this is the very nature of “my initial reaction.”

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  3. Amber

    Slavery was a time where who ever though African Americans were less than anyone eles was normal not sure why it’s absurd to society now and I feel that a lot of people feel the way I do about slavery, it was a cold heartless sick way to treat blacks and anyone that had slaves to me are as cold as any terrorist now if there was fair treatment as the blacks that were slaves got paid and respected as a job then of course they were just living but not as we work today in society. But the attracts on the towers was a surprise to the victims and there families. But what gets mad is the way blacks feel that they are slaves still and should be on pedal stools for what their ancestors went through, and that’s not fair and other races should not feel the guilt that our ancestors did, so yes that picture is very disturbing

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